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Our digital carillon was originally developed as a superior practice instrument used in conjunction with our cast bell carillons. The first of these was developed in 1985 as a practice instrument for the new University of Nebraska 48-bell carillon. From the beginning van Bergen has used the latest state of art technology to digitally record the sound of cast bronze bells directly into solid-state microchips. Digital technology allows our systems to reproduce the sound of a cast bronze bell carillon with unprecedented accuracy. Solid state technology insures that this sound will never deteriorate due to age or usage. Because we have recorded the actual sound of cast bronze bells, our systems are far superior to those based on other sounds.

The van Bergen Renaissance Carillon, Flemish Master Carillon and our new Multi-voice Carillon each have a full 61 bell range based on digitally sampled sound of a 300,000 pound Paccard cast bronze bell carillon and plays all of your favorite hymns and melodies. In addition, they play the most complete repertoire of traditional bell rings available including the swinging Call to Worship Bell, the Hour Strike, the Funeral Toll, the swinging Celebratory Peal, the Westminster Chimes, the Whittington Chimes, the Winchester Chimes, St. Michael's Chimes, the Sanctus and the Angelus. The sophisticated microprocessor clock is designed with complete user-friendly operation. Its menu driven screen allows the technical novice to quickly schedule any of the system's bell rings and melodies for any day or time.

Our bell instruments are normally provided by donors as a memorial gift. Truly these instruments are "the memorial with a voice."

The swinging bells are completely independent samples and have been designed so you can actually hear the differences in the beginning and ending of the swinging bells and the random ringing of the bell peal. This is intentional in that we have digitally recorded these sounds from a set of bronze bells. The system provides random access, permanent playback of all our bells. Because there are no moving parts, this system offers total reliability. The sounds cannot be accidentally erased or removed and they will not degrade with time. The audio recordings are completely immune to the effects of multiple plays and environmental factors.

The alternate solution -
van Bergen digital bells.
Acknowledge your memorial gift with a plaque engraved with your choice of inscription.
A custom speaker complement, suitable to the location is part of every digital carillon installation.