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Flemish Master Carillon - Today's Best Value
Van Bergen's Flemish Master Carillon is today's best value in electronic carillons. The Flemish Master Carillon is a digital carillon system that provides the traditional bell rings of the church or college campus, a selection of four various clock chime melodies and the hour strike. Optional clock tower control is also available.

The Flemish Master Carillon's sophisticated micro-processor clock was designed with complete ease of use in mind. Its menu driven screen allows the technical novice to quickly schedule any of the system's hymns or traditional bell rings for any day or time.

Sound samples:
"Amazing Grace" (.wav, 650k)

"Swinging Bell" (.wav, 365k)

"Celebration Peal" (.wav, 614k)

"Westminster Chimes" (.wav, 525k)

User Friendly Programming Screens:
song panel
Select a Song
operator panel
Operator Instructions
function selector
Function Selector
special day programming
Special Day Programming

Flemish Master Carillon control panel

Listing of recent
Flemish Master installations
The standard system comes with 300-watt solid-state power amplification system, including four 4 1/2" air column horns, each having a 60-watt power driver. Additional amplification is available as required for a particular installation.

Options for the Flemish Master Carillon

  1. Remote control
  2. Playing keyboard 49- or 61- bell range
  3. Speaker mounting tower
  4. Interior sound system for keyboard carillon
  5. Power surge protection system
  6. Additional power amplification - speakers
  7. Solid oak stand
  8. Decorative bell shells
  9. Plaques to acknowledge your memorial gift