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The van Bergen Multi-voice Carillon
Custom voiced for each installation

Sound samples:
"O God Our Help in Ages Past"
(.wav, 838k)

(.wav, 1.1M)

The van Bergen Multi-voice Carillon offers the following features:
  • The user-friendly touch screen controller allows anyone to easily operate the carillon manually or to create automatic programming.
  • Melodies and bell rings can be played on any schedule with our automatic or manual operation.
  • The carillon plays back and records your own hymns and melodies.
  • The time strike may be sounded on any quarter hour or on the hour as desired.
  • Traditional or custom clock chime melodies are available.
  • The system automatically catches-up after a power failure.
  • The unit contains numerous voice samples, such as: Flemish Cast Bells, Celeste Bells, Tenor Bells, Harp Bells, Hand Bells, Strings and Tubular Chimes.
  • Using our custom console or your organ console, your musician can play both inside and outside from the tower.
  • Included is a complete repertoire of traditional bell rings.
  • The carillon may also be used to control cast bells in the tower.
  • This instrument is custom designed for each customers special requirements.

Typical combinations would include:
1. Flemish Cast BellsLower ManualUnison
2. StringsLower ManualUnison
3. Flemish Cast BellsUpper ManualUnison
4. Bass HarpUpper Manual16" sub-coupler
5. Harp BellsUpper ManualUnison
6. Celeste BellsUpper Manual4" super-coupler
7. Tubular ChimesUpper ManualUnison 27 chimes F-G
8. Tenor BellsUpper Manual16" sub-coupler
9. Hand BellsUpper ManualUnison
10. Grand BaroqueUpper Manual(Flemish Cast Bells, Harp Bells, Hand Bells)
11. Sovereign BellsUpper Manual(Flemish Cast Bells, Bass Harp Bells)
12. Presidential BellsUpper Manual(Flemish Cast Bells, Harp Bells)
13. Belcanto BellsUpper Manual(Flemish Cast Bells, Tenor Bells)
Organ Configuration Available

User-friendly menu driven touch screen player/recorder system
recording functionssong categories
melody and intervalplaylist