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Renaissance Carillon - Custom Designed
Van Bergen's Renaissance Carillon brings the magic of bells to your fingertips.

It is not a piano. It is not an organ. It is a truly unique musical instrument, called the Carillon, imparting a distinctive tone from nature and enhanced by man. In the past, the only means to control the tonal inspiration of bells was by the talented hands and feet of the carilloneur. Now van Bergen has designed a new option for a new millennium: the van Bergen Renaissance Carillon. The sound of the van Bergen Renaissance Carillon is an art form that has evolved from a masterful creation echoing the joy, victory, hope and spirit of man throughout the ages.

With one touch, you can command the equivalent of a cast bell carillon weighing 300,000 pounds!

The Renaissance touch screen technology enables you to command with one finger the powerful sound of a 300,000 pound carillon. Emulating the purest sound of rich, cast bronze bells; that is equivalent to a full range, 61 note, 5 octave cast bell carillon, the Renaissance will record and automatically play back favorite hymns and melodies. Using the Renaissance console or your organ console, your musician can play both inside bells with the organ and/or tower bells. You can even play, record and assemble your own melodies using random access for automatic playback.

Whatever option you choose, you will also have a complete repertoire of traditional bell rings including the Swinging Bell, Hour Strike, Funeral Toll, Celebratory Peal, Westminster Chimes, Whittington Chimes, St. Michael's Chimes, Sanctus, Angelus, Change Ringing and any custom bell ring.

Only van Bergen brings you the true sound of a cast bell carillon at a fraction of the cost.

The Renaissance Carillon instrument is uniquely designed for each installation.

Call today for information on the following features:

  • User-friendly touch screen controller.
  • Fully Automatic Catch-up after power failures.
  • Automatic or manual operation of all bells on any schedule.
  • Keyboard and/or organ operation for inside and outside bells.
  • All bell rings individually sampled, not shared: no synthetic manipulation.
  • Custom audio system depending on acoustical requirements.
  • Integrates with existing or new cast bells and tower clocks.
  • Record and play back your own hymns and melodies.
  • A 61 bell, 5 octave sample from a Paccard cast bell carillon weighing 300,000 pounds.
  • Optional voices available.
  • Time strike which may be sounded on any quarter hour or on the hour as desired.
  • Traditional or custom clock chime melodies.
  • Fully warranted for three years.

The Renaissance Carillon is a revolution in user-friendly carillon operation. From its touch-screen maneuverability to its custom designed digitally sampled audio system, the Renaissance Carillon will help lift the spirit of your community like no other instrument on the market today.

"The bell sound is incredible. The touch screen is so easy to operate. The Carillon is truly a joy in our university and residential community."
- Thomas O. Jones, Chairman of the Bell Committee, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Richmond, Virginia.

Sound samples:
"America the Beautiful"
(.wav, 851k)

"Swinging Peal"
(.wav, 863k)

"Real bell sounds come from a genuine, tuned bronze bell carillon, not from a synthesizer".
- Harry van Bergen, President, van Bergen Company

"van Bergen's 200 year heritage of founding finely-tuned cast bronze bells has served you well in the design and production of your Renaissance digital carillon instruments... the warm, rich bell sounds are incredibly beautiful and authentic."
- Gerald Edge, First United Methodist Church, Wilson, North Carolina.

"A gentleman trained in the art of mechanical carillon performance recently moved to our area. He walked into our church and inquired about playing our bells. He was very embarrassed when he was told that the system is electronic. To my thinking, there is no better testimony to the success of your product, and the wisdom of our decision to purchase it."
-Dr. Jeffrey B. Fowler, Director of Music, Wayne Presbyterian Church, Wayne, PA.

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