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For centuries, tower clocks have indicated the time through both the eye and the ear. While the dials provide the visual component of the timepiece, clock chimes can provide the audio component.

A tower clock is often the crowning feature on a structure's most prominent facade. Because no two buildings are the same, we specialize in creating custom timepieces to your specifications. Whether you're looking for a modern or classic effect, ornate or simple, we can create a clock in keeping with the character of your building.

Our solid dials can be fixed with any of our standard Roman, Arabic, or Gothic numbers as well as a wide variety of modern hour markings. Our skeleton and crown dials integrate your building into the timepiece, creating a unique image that cannot be duplicated. Dials and numerals may be finished in whatever color you desire. Our gold leaf dials and numerals create a striking effect at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

The van Bergen specialty is to design custom clocks having a diameter of at least eight feet.

When evening falls, we offer lighting methods that allow for both maximum visibility and a beautiful aesthetic effect. Solid dials may be constructed of translucent Plexiglas for back-lighting. All of our dials may be front lit by placing small bulbs on the hands and at each hour mark. During the day, these bulbs are virtually invisible. During the evening, they create a truly stunning effect. Neon lighting placed in a channel surrounding a dial can create a beautiful halo around the timepiece.

Van Bergen clocks are the most accurate in the world. All clocks are controlled by a sophisticated microprocessor, which continually tracks the movement of the hands across the dial. The microprocessor sends a pulse to the exterior clock one every minute. This pulse directs a cam in the clock movement to complete a single revolution, rotating the clock hands exactly one minute. This pulse/cam operation completely isolates the clocks from the errors that plague other exterior timepieces, which are susceptible to fluctuations in AC current. In case of a power failure, our microprocessor maintains a history of the event in its internal memory. When power is resumed, the clock hands will be automatically reset. The microprocessor maintains its internal memory for up to 30 days without power. Van Bergen can also provide a Global Positioning System (GPS) control.

Our Flemish Master carillon will control the tower clocks with complete accuracy while providing hourly melodies and tolling. Hourly melodies available include the Westminster Chimes, Whittington Chimes, St. Michael's Chimes and Winchester Chimes.

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The cost of clocks depends greatly on the number and size of the dials, the design of the dials, and the method of lighting chosen. We would be glad to make suggestions and provide design assistance.

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